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Tupelo & Marmalade is my personal journal of writings. I write about the South - the places, the people, and Southern literature. And I share my life to encourage. Encourage you to choose happiness even in the hard - to look for the fabulous in people - to see and be creative.

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Michelle Gill graduated with a degree in Political Science and a concentration in Written  Communication in 1997 from Roanoke College. After working with several nonprofits such as the American Heart Association, Habitat for Humanity, Florida Student Association, and individual chapters of the Association of the United States Army as a fund raiser and event planner, ‚ÄčMichelle opened her own company in Tallahassee in 2005, Redfish Event Management. 

Through creating and managing events, she began building websites. She returned to Roanoke Virginia in 2009 and her company's main focus became creating functional websites for authors and others. An important aspect of her business is teaching the client how to maintain their own website.


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