Tupelo & Marmalade is my personal journal of writings. I write about the South. I love the South - the places, the people, and Southern literature. I share to encourage. Encourage you to choose happiness even in the hard - to look for the fabulous in people - to see and be creative.

I love warm summer days and the smell of honeysuckles and the flash of fireflies in the night. I love boiled peanuts and especially the people that sell them on the side of the road. I love Spanish moss dripping off limbs and driving through tree canopy roads. I love bluegrass and the blues. Is there anything better than homemade macaroni and cheese or Granny's green beans?

Paddington loved marmalade. He made marmalade sandwiches and stored them in his hat. I love children's books and Paddington and writers.

I have lived all over Virginia, in North Carolina, and in Florida. I love the South! My favorite song is Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison. Actual Tupelo honey comes from the White Tupelo tree in the Apalachicola River basin and the Okeefenokee Wildlife Refuge. The bee hives are kept on the edge of these Cypress swamp areas; it's called "swamp honey" by the locals.

Tupelo & Marmalade


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