• Michelle Gill


The black hooves were as wide as an elephant's with black hair covering them to the ground. The horse's size was beyond anything seen on earth and his darkness much blacker than an earthly black. Beelzebub sat atop the magnificent dark horse. He road with great speed toward the commotion. Demons scattered about. They were startled to see him coming. He had seen the great light from a distance. His name had once been Lucifer, the barer of light, so he knew the light well.

"What are you doing?!" His voice thundered across the sky. The strongest demon stepped forward. "It was only temporary sire. We got him to agree with us again quickly so the light has subsided."

"When I can hear angels singing over someone and I even hear his name from the Enemy's own voice then it is not a small thing. You were about to lose him. How do you think I know when to attack, how to attack. I have been prince of this world from the time of the first earth before the flood. I know when the Enemy is building up a warrior. If the Enemy's Spirit already lives in them then you cannot make him one of us but you can render him useless.

The Enemy has given them authority through His Son's blood and just as He creates with the power of words, He has given them the same authority in their words. They usually have no clue, which is good for us. We cannot enter into their lives unless they give us permission or leave a door open. Most have many doors open so it is not a problem. Business, alcohol, bitterness, entertainment, unforgiveness, sensuality, anything that was once good that we can twist can be used as bait or become a crack leading in. "

The large beast he rode paced back and forth. The atmosphere became more stifling as the fog thickened. "The best way with this guy is to keep him speaking over himself lies. He believes they are true because that is his reality. The more he speaks over himself, the more useless he becomes. Also, keep reminding him of the things that have happened to him. Remind him of the things we have done in his life. Then make sure you whisper in some of the Enemy's language how the Enemy could have stopped it and then he will keep having increasing doubt towards the Enemy. Make sure you use the power of his own words to keep him down and make sure you create bitterness toward the Enemy."

"Another thing the Enemy has given power through is belief. I took down a whole nation a time or two through unbelief. It is the easiest way to defeat him. Keep him believing what he sees and remind him that the promises of the Enemy have never come through for him. Never let him start to believe or he may start blessing or praying over his family. The Enemy has given him authority in our world over his family in blessing and cursing but he has no idea so he usually ends up cursing them. It makes our job easier because bondages just get passed down from generation to generation and we can just sit back and watch the their imprisonments."

"Keep him listening to you without knowing it! Make his reality through the power of his own words. He already believes it is his reality. Give him a good taste of what we can offer. Be subtle. One slip here, one slip there. Make sure he is more comfortable half in and half out. Never let him realize the power of his words. Keep him speaking lies over himself every minute of every day. He will never know he is cursing his family. He will never know he rejecting everything the Enemy has already given him. Keep him defeated. Should he ever see through the fog we have created around him and become the warrior the Enemy has already called him, we will see many more converting to the Enemy's kingdom. On that day you will wish you could hide from me!!" He ended with a roar and turned and rode across the mountain, darkness following him.



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