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mystery, wildness,& Healing

Written by Michelle Gill 

"God's will is for everyone to be healed." "Healing is not for today." "We have full authority, just walk in it." "God is trying to teach you through this illness." "It depends on your faith." On and on the opinions fly on healing and God.

This is the issue that I have with it all: God is Who He says He is, not our experience or opinions or wishes. He is wild and mysterious. He created the world and became His creation to save His creation. People love to create doctrine so they can have understanding and step by steps to go by, a guarantee of sorts. It makes us feel better.

But the Bible tells us God put sicknesses on specific people; yes, He did. Does that mean that God causes all sickness? No. It is not a doctrine. They are individual cases that you should read about to know Him more. The Bible tells us Satan put sicknesses on specific people. Does that mean all sickness is from Satan? No, it is not a doctrine. Sin brought death and the corruption of His perfect creation. That is fact. The Bible tells us God has healed and we can heal in His name. Does that mean all are healed? No, it is not a doctrine. It is His power. It is more of Who He is.

Some say we have lost our faith. We would see more if we had more faith. Probably so, but again, not a doctrine. There are those healed who had no faith. In the book of Acts, God says He has no need of human hands (Acts 17:25 ESV). Does He work through us? Yes. Does He have to? No.

Jesus says signs and wonders including healing will follow those who believe. He is God Almighty, Jehovah Rapha, the God Who Heals, our Great Physician. So we walk in the belief of Who He is, and we have enough reverence to leave the outcome to Him and His mighty wild untamable Spirit, Who loves us deeply.

How can He love us and let some suffer? Ever heard of Jesus? He suffered, and His word says in this life we will suffer like Him. Why? His view is not ours. This life is a blink, and a nice little life with comfort is not His priority. Knowing Him is; Who He really is, not who you have experienced, or wish He is. Becoming like Him, His redeemed, restored creation is His priority. Why doesn't He change us instantly? We were made in His image and He is not controlled by the perfect faith-filled prayer, is He? He wants our companionship as well as our reverence and we are separate from the rest of creation in that we have the gift of choice.

There is no one size fits all doctrine of healing, a step by step, a guarantee. There is God Himself. I believe in the wild, loving, all-powerful God. I believe in Jesus who says, "Follow me." Who gives me the authority to heal through His Holy Spirit. I believe He is Who He says He is, even when I don't understand and don't like it. I believe He is more than I will have time to learn on this earth. So when I pray for someone or bless them, I pray in full confidence knowing His loving heart and power to heal. If to my surprise it does not happen, He is still Healer, He is still love, He is still good, why? Because He is God and He says He is, and I believe Him above all else.

I've experienced a lot of tragedy for a person my age including the loss of my first husband. No one thought a strong healthy twenty-seven years old would die of the flu but he did. Everyone prayed believing and anointed him with oil to rise. Was death an option? Certainly not. Full faith. He would be healed. He was not. Some say death is healing. True, but that is not the healing anyone was praying for. When my dad died when I was sixteen, we used that one to console ourselves.

King David from the Bible was a man after God's heart. He believed Him, trusted Him, loved Him. When David's son was sick, he fasted and prayed that God would heal. He did not. David got up, washed, worshiped, and ate. Everyone was astonished. But David thought, who knows, while the child was alive that He might have been gracious to him and heal his son, but He did not, so he got up and worshiped. Reverence. Trust without having an understanding. Worship without answers. Choosing Him. Standing in the fact that God is good.

- So here's to the wild and mysterious Healer, amazing Creator, sweet lover of my soul, strongest, most caring Father, to my King. Did you know He has King of Kings and Lord of Lords written on his thigh? (Rev. 19:16) Well, He does. Isn't He fantastic?!

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