• Michelle Gill

The Missing Birds

Moss and tree covered mountains surrounded the hollow. Bumbling water flowed down the creek and over rocks. There were homes in the ground, in the rocks, in the trees, in their trunks. In Macey Hollow there lived a badger, a rabbit, twin skunks, and a red bird and many, many more.

In Macey Hollow there even lived a little brown chicken but she is for another story.

Early one morning rabbit lifted his head up out of the opening of his burrow and sniffed the air. It was cool and crisp in the Hollow. Autumn was on its way.

Rose and Zack, the skunk twins, were already out and playing as they ran passed Rabbit.

Soon Badger came for morning tea with Rabbit. Badger scratched his nose under his eyeglasses as Rabbit poured the hot water.

"I have not seen Red Bird in two days," Badger said.

"Neither have I," said Rabbit. "Maybe we should go look for him today."

So they drank the last drop of their tea and packed some nuts, crusty bread, and a carrot, in case they should need a snack; for searching the woods of Macey Hollow was known to cause hunger.

Off they went in search of Red Bird with their snack bag tied to a stick and thrown over Rabbit's back.

"Rose and Zack, have you seen Red Bird? We are on a search."

"No, we will come too!", said the twins.

Badger, Rabbit, and the twin skunks searched high and low through Macey Hollow for Red Bird. Soon they came to Mr. Oak Tree and Hoot Owl and neither one had seen him. Mr. Oak Tree said the he also had not had his usual visit from Blue Bird. They knew it must be serious then.

Rose and Zack were running up ahead. Rose tripped over a large broken branch and fell down. She thought she heard a muffled "Helloooooooo". She picked herself up and dusted off her knees.

They decided to sit down on the mound of twigs that lay on the ground and opened their sack. Rabbit pulled out some crispy bread and handed a piece to Badger.

"Helloooooo." Rose heard a fuzzy voice once again.


Rabbit stood and looked at the twigs a little closer and realized it was a turned over, held down nest. Zack and Rose lifted up the branch which held it down and out popped Red Bird and Blue Bird.

"Thank goodness", they both cried. "I came to visit Blue Bird yesterday morning and as we said our hellos, the big wind came and down came the branch and down came Blue Bird's home and down came we."

Badger, Rabbit, Zack and Rose were so thankful to have found their friends and so were Red Bird and Blue Bird.

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