• Michelle Gill

The Tale of Milley and Butch

As Badger was running along the creek’s edge he found a hole, a hole in the edge of some tall rocks. He peered ever so slightly inside. The darkness was blacker than night so he called “hello” rather than go inside. He heard no reply. Again he called out. No reply.

Too scared to go in alone, he went to get his friend, Rabbit. Rabbit peeked inside and called “hello”. His hello bounced off the walls and back to him.

“Let’s go in,” Badger suggested.

“Are you sure?” Rabbit questioned.

“What ya looking at?”

Badger and Rabbit jumped and turned around. There stood Zach and Rose peering around Badger and Rabbit into the tunnel’s opening.

“We don’t know. Wanna go in?” replied Rabbit.

“Sure,” Zach and Rose said eagerly at the same time. All four began to tip toe into the hole in the rocks. Onward they snuck. Their eyes began to adjust to the darkness.

“How far are we gonna go?” asked Rose and then they all came to an abrupt stop. They heard giggling.



The giggling bounced around them off the rocks. Then they saw a light flickering. A few more steps and they could see a fire in a fireplace and books lining wooden shelves, a table with two chairs and a steaming teapot sitting atop.

“And who are you?” came a girl's giggling voice. They turned at the same time and stood staring at two foxes.

“Come in!” they offered.

Slowly the group stepped inside.

“I am Milley and this is Butch, my brother.”

“We are sorry to intrude,” said Badger.

“Oh, it’s quite alright. Quite. We would love to have our first visitors. We just moved here to Macey Hollow from over the mountain,” said Butch the fox.

“Friends! We love new friends!” cried Milley.

It was not time at all til they all became the best of friends. Sometimes it can be hard to make new friends in a new place. But they are the welcoming type in Macey Hollow.



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