• Michelle Gill

those fish

a story told to me

Momma said if I save my money from workin' all summer then I will have enough to buy us all Christmas presents at Christmas time. Sounds like a good idea to me so I recon that is what I will do.

I went down the street to old woman Crews' house and she said that I could cut her grass every other week for five dollars. Then Mr. Jensen said that I can cut his grass and pick weeds too.

So all summer long I have been doing odd jobs around the neighborhood and I saved seventy-four dollars. I have never had seventy-four dollars before in my whole entire life.

My older brother's been tellin' momma how he sure wishes he had some fish to take care of and look at. She keeps tellin' him that she ain't wastin' that kind of money. I have been thinkin' that that might be something everybody would like. I sure know I would like to have some fish in a tank to look at. No tellin' what they might do. I bet Mark would like 'em. Momma would even like 'em too after she gotta lookin' at 'em. My sister would like the pretty colored ones.

I bought the fish tank and the fish and all the stuff to go in it for everybody for Christmas with the seventy-four dollars that I saved from workin' all summer long.

Momma told everybody how selfish I am that I went and spent all that money on myself pretending like it was for the family 'cause I really wanted the fish. I was thinkin' it was for the family but they all recon that I am selfish now and it is really just my fish tank. They ain't so much fun to look at like I thought they would be, those fish.



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