Outstanding website design—Michelle’s excellence is evident in everything she does, whether she’s writing, designing, or giving great service and support!! I highly recommend her services and just want to say a resounding ‘Thank You!!!!’ for everything you’ve done for me!
Anne Marie Hawke
author & life coach

As I prepared to launch my first book, I needed assistance with website development. I wanted to learn how to do it, but really didn’t have time to spend on creating it myself. A friend recommended Michelle Gill. While I was conferring with Michelle, my husband decided to start his own business, and she gave us a wonderful plan to develop BOTH of our sites. It didn’t matter if our schedules were crazy, because Michelle will meet you where you are! She came to our home several times, and we also met her at hers. Via emails, a couple of phone calls, and personal visits, I couldn’t be happier with my website (brookallenauthor.com). Michelle put so much effort and expertise into it. Blogging is easy and fun, and I’ve gotten many compliments on it. She was also open to using some of my own photography in the site, along with material that my graphic designer made to match my brand.

I highly recommend Michelle’s services. Though she does many author sites, you don’t have to be an author to use her talents. You will own the website domain yourself, and she will train you bit by bit in how to update, blog, and post.

Brook Allen
author, The Antonius Trilogy

It was a true pleasure to work with Michelle in designing my website. She was so patient with me, as I was not very certain about what I really wanted or how I wanted it to look. I was very happy with the finished product, as it represents my personality and how I am trying to develop my brand. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to design a new website, or re-design one that is not working quite the way you want it to. The fact that she provides training on how to use it, and how to manage any add-ins is a big plus! I feel a lot more confident now that I can manage my email campaigns and my blog on my own.
Alice Ackerman
Executive Coach

Because I find most technology intimidating, just the thought of giving my cathyddudley.com a "facelift" was pretty unsettling. But Michelle has a sweet down-to-earth business style, and I soon discovered I actually looked forward to our sessions together! She was knowledgeable in adding new features but always sensitive to my ideas ... and conveyed the messages I wanted to share in such attractive ways. Plus, Michelle did all this with endless patience, often tweaking something over and over again until we both agreed it was just right. Bottomline: I couldn't be happier with my new website! Thank you, Michelle. You're the BEST and p.s. Added Bonus ~ I learned to edit the site myself.
​​Cathy Dudley
​author, Toddler Theology Childlike Faith for Everyone

Michelle did a wonderful job re-creating our out of date website for the Nkombo Island Project. It is now not only up to date, but she also got us connected with Pay Pal, a more cost effective way to give than the server we were previously using. She was great about listening to all our desires and put her own creative touches on it, which we think look great! We would highly recommend her!!
​Kim Motley
Nkombo Island Project

Michelle was wonderful at listening to our needs and design ideas and incorporating everything into our new site. The entire process was easy and the end result was exactly what we wanted.
​​Lisa Miles
Orchard Hills Achievement Center

We asked Michelle to start a website from scratch because we didn't know anything about starting a website. We really didn't even know what we wanted but because she knew the camp and what we wanted to do, she had some great ideas. She blew our mind at how quickly she came up with a very professional but fun website. She thought of things and added sites that we never would've thought of! Luckily for us, too, just when we thought it was done and looked perfect, she would add something or tweak a page and it would be even better!! She's great at what she does and obviously really loves it. She's very creative and helpful and wants it to be exactly what her customer wants. Thanks so much Michelle for your work. You're such a blessing to us and to so many others! 
​Tonya Brown
Ward Haven Camp & Retreat Center

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